CD Halunder Suite Halunder Suite
Year: 2007
playing time: 73:24

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  1. Trubel [ 05:48 ]
  2. Alte Liebe [ 08:30 ]
  3. Weg zum Horizont [ 05:51 ]
  4. Ankunft [ 05:41 ]
  5. Meerblick [ 11:57 ]
  6. FL 5s [ 07:49 ]
  7. 16 Uhr [ 08:06 ]
  8. 256 Stufen [ 04:30 ]
  9. Ein Tag auf der Düne [ 09:41 ]
  10. Abschied [ 05:31 ]
Here in my cloud
all songs can be listened in advance and downloaded completely.

This CD is dedicated to the Island of Helgoland (Heligoland).
Already my first visit left a deep impression on me. What a unique concept: Not using the car to drive to one's destination but to leave the car - and with that a piece of mundane everyday life - behind on the mainland to travel by ship to the island. This is an "adventure" right from the start.
Other islands I visited in the past never provided what I looked for in an island: An easy to take in size and "lay of the land" with a shoreline always within easy reach. Any incoming or leaving ship should be heard as well as the ever-present voices of the seabirds. All of that I found on "my island" - and so much more: hospitality, tolerance, and cosmopolitanism - what a loveable and dear mixture!
I am actually not very fond of walks but that's different here as well: The feeling of being closer to one's destination as soon as setting out on a walk, to be never more than half an hour away from "home," this is something I know only from Helgoland. It is virtually impossible to become lost...
At night, the lighthouse floods the vast ocean with its beacon and - like a benevolent star - serves as an orientation tool at the same time since it is visible from anywhere on the island. Here on the island I can be alone without being lonely. I can relax and recuperate and find back to my old self.

Holy Island - I will always treasure you for this.

Charity Campaign (completed at October 2009):
This CD is available for a nominal charge of 5 EUR. Since this is not a commercial project, the charge covers only the cost of producing the CD with any remaining amount being donated to charity.

Status as of 27 May 2010:
From now on, all tracks of the Halunder Suite are available as original-CD-rip in MP3-format (192K) - please use the cloud link (see above) for free downloading.
Enjoy the music and - if you like - send me a comment by mail (find the adress at the > start page, bottom)
At present, I´m working on a new album, respecting our special experiences and impressions that we had in April 2010, when we visited Scotland with our old VW-Bus.

Older news:
Status as of 23 October 2009:
At 13 October 2009 there was a small ceremonial at the Helgoland town hall with handing over the donation amounting on EUR 2000.-
My warm thanks to all the purchasers of the CD, who often paid more than the desired five Euro/CD.
All "Halunder Suite Video Impressions" could be watched at

Status as of 15 February 2008:
Telecast about Helgoland at winter is planned for 30 March 2008 on WDR TV: "Wunderschön - Helgoland im Winter!". Watch the part where I´m involved via my cloud link.
You will hear music from the "Halunder Suite", and furthermore, I will tell a little bit about my thoughts to that lovely island...(WMV or MP4 format)
In December edition 2007 of the magazine "Der Helgoländer", an article about the project "Halunder Suite" was released, which you can read here (german text, PDF).
The CD can be ordered by email and is also now available on Helgoland! EUR 2.31 of each sold CD of the first edition are donated to Helgoland. The Helgoland Youth Center is the intended recipient.

At which places on Helgoland is the CD available?
The last copies were available at the restaurant "Mocca Stuben", Oberland, Hingstgars 447 (now sold out!)
Thanks a lot for your support!!!

Once all produced CDs have been sold, the titles will be available as MP3 files for download (free) from this Website. The versions currently downloadable from MoM are in part not the final versions as they are included on the CD and not all titles are listed. And some versions are only "drafts" and not the completed CD mix!
And therefore my request to you: Purchase the CD and support the Helgoland Youth Center at the same time: ;-)
Please use the contact address on the start page for your order (EUR 5.00 + postage)!
Please indicate if you wish to receive a signed version ... THANKS!