CD Albus Lapis end Spannung
Year: 1996
playing time: 71:52

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Albus Lapis

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  1. Eine Geschichte in 10 Minuten [ 11:43 ]
  2. Lucky [ 05:29 ]
  3. Das Elixier (Soundtrack) [ 23:00 ]
  4. Tandem [ 05:05 ]
  5. Mein Freund (instr. Version) [ 07:57 ]
  6. GOM (good old music) [ 11:00 ]
  7. Feel [ 07:38 ]
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all songs can be listened in advance and downloaded completely.

This was my first CD compilation. The individual tracks are not connected with one another contextually as it is the case with the later albums such as "Albus Lapis" and "Halunder Suite." Actually, each song has its own background story. Here is a short rundown of a few of these:

The track "Geschichte in 10 Minuten" ("Story in 10 minutes") from 1990 was a birthday present for a friend of mine (hello Susanne, everything ok? ;-) who adored/adores whales, so I took the songs of the humpback whales and combined it with my music into this little story...

"Das Elixier" ("The Elixir") - 5 interconnected pieces (thus the complete download with approx. 21 MB) is based on the script for a sort of mystical dark film that - unfortunately - has yet to be shot. This script was written by another friend of mine from that time (hey Joachim, all's well, too?). The script had the working title "Das Elixier." And I had been rather inspired by it...

"Tandem" (from 1993) has its roots in my 1992 trip to China...a time when there were still more bicycles than cars on the times have changed...

"Mein Freund" ("My friend") created in 1992 was also a gift (or dedication). The only song for which I also wrote and sang the lyrics. After almost 8 years of a wonderful friendship, I thought the song would be the right thing to celebrate that anniversary (who could have known at the time that almost another 14 years were to follow?) but since this was a very personal piece I am only offering the instrumental version for download...and since I am not a very good singer, this might be appreciated by most ;-).

GOM is not associated with anything science-fiction as some might think. I just thought of the acronym because this was one of my earliest compositions I picked up again to refine. The first version was created on a mini keyboard and two multi-track reel-to-reels. Even the worst MP3 quality would probably be unable to transfer that much hissing noise ;-). The version available here has been created with a MIDI synthesizer sound module (I still have my trusted old Roland SC-55 somewhere) but that is also all water under the bridge...

This CD is only available as a free download; however, I can provide a CD I burn myself if requested. Just ask if interested. The contact address is listed on the start page (remember to remove "NOSPAM).

"End Spannung" was my first CD. At the time, I still was quite unaware of the possibilities and options of creating sound and using it in a focused and targeted manner. I just used whatever the devices offered and probably did not always work as cleanly as possible. Today I would say that "End Spannung" is a typical beginners CD. But my disposition towards beautiful melodies that invite the listener to dream and relax is already evident on that CD. This is why my first creation remains available - and because the development of the musician ELKAWE can be tracked with this CD very nicely as well. I stand by my youthful indiscretions ;-).