CD Albus Lapis Albus Lapis
Year: 1998
playing time: 61:41

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  1. Well...Come To Albus Lapis [ 06:11 ]
  2. Abenddämmerung [ 10:05 ]
  3. Strassen Der Nacht [ 10:01 ]
  4. Arrived To The Silence [ 04:17 ]
  5. Many Steps To Milkyway [ 09:24 ]
  6. Albus Lapis [ 03:40 ]
  7. Song For Cat [ 06:50 ]
  8. Gliding Minds [ 06:14 ]
  9. LiVi (Lindsay Viola) [ 04:58 ]
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all songs can be listened in advance and downloaded completely.

The title "Albus Lapis" (latin for: "white stone") refers to the highest peak in the northern Eifel mountain range (Info at Wikipedia) near Udenbreth (Zitterwald).
An approx. 30-m high wooden tower is located on the "White Stone" as depicted on the cover of the CD.
When I finally had my driver's license and my own car, the Eifel was one of the preferred destinations for my friends and me. We started out, preferably in the evening, to visit "our tower" and to enjoy the wonderful view (yes, even at night there's something to see). This takes a good two hours from the city region, where we are living, with the landscape slowly but surely changing as the trip progresses. At the end, you exit the car in a completely abandoned place in the middle of the deepest forest and during complete darkness (pure adventure ;-)) - and is then confronted with the most marvelous starry sky one can imagine - what a trip for a child of the city!

We visited the White Stone often - once we spent New Year's Eve there, sleeping in a tent (the cover photo was made next morning, while clouds of fog enveloped us), sometimes we just climbed the tower to enjoy the view. We also used the local facilities to BBQ (there is a large place with a hut and a round grille sitting in the middle) - intended for public use. Whatever genius made this possible: THANKS!!!
Songs 1 to 6 on the CD once again are inspired by thoughts, impressions, and feelings that remind me of the great times we had at the White Stone and are a welcome backdrop for any trips to the White Stone I still make today.

Dieter Voßkämper, one of the friends I mentioned earlier, was already part of our group when we once again went on Albus Lapis tour (we are now what is called "best friends" or "lifelong friends"). Dieter has a special talent for using words. What I process as music, he outputs in poetry. Based on our shared experiences (not only concerning the White Stone), he also created lyrics for the music of Albus Lapis, which in its original version is an instrumental pieces. These texts are HERE - German only - sorry ;-).

This CD is only available as a free download; however, I can provide a CD I burn myself if requested. Just ask if interested. The contact address is listed on the start page (remember to remove "NOSPAM).

Albus Lapis was my second CD. Technology was not quite ready at the time (or I was unable to afford it ;-)) to produce high audio quality at home. The tracks thus do not sound as professional as I would like them to - from today's point of view. There is probably a little "error" here and there as well . Just think of it as an opportunity to further track my development, which surely has found its current peak with my third CD (Halunder Suite). I might re-record the titles of "Albus Lapis" sometime in the future...