Year: 1962
length: 186 cm

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All songs of the CDs can be pre-listened here. These are MP3 files (112K, 44.1Khz).Except for the preview of "end Spannung - Das Elixier" (approx. 3 minutes), all listening samples are about 1 minute long.
It is also possible to download the complete tracks of the CDs titled "Halunder Suite", "Albus Lapis" and "end Spannung" for free in the format MP3 (min. 128k, 44.1Khz). Just follow the cloud links...

ELKAWE? How do I say that? Well, if you speak German, say it like you would say LKW, the abbreviation for truck. ELKAWE is the phonetic representation of that abbreviation. If you speak a language other than German, any way you are comfy with will do :-)...
The name was actually conceived at a time when the group KRAFTWERK started to become known. At that time, a friend from school (Ralf Außem - today with the group "Dead Guitars") and myself started to experiment with electronic music. More electronic than music, by the way ;-) with HIM already being a pretty good guitar player. And then we thought of the name ELKAWE, also because we both were fans and admirers of the large vehicles.
After school, we lost touch with one another - as it happens so frequently - and when I restarted my experimentations alone at a later time, I also redefined the abbreviation as:
ELektronische Klänge Aus WEstdeutschland...(electronic sounds from West Germany - I know, I know, the term is quite outdated ;-)

What else is there to say about me?
Description of a hobby musician who has made music as an universal language the primary focus of his life:
I do not have any musical training or education but grew up with music by Pink Floyd, Vangelis, and Kraftwerk, among others (1962-2007). They surely influenced me but my greatest role model is probably Guido Negraszus, a New Age musician who produces fantastic ambient and electronic sounds.
What started as plunking around on a Casio mini keyboard has by now taken on more concrete shapes . I discovered REASON in May 2007 ((Info about Reason)) - this was the epiphany I had waited for all these years. The difference to my previous works, in part created on reel-to-reels using multi-track processes, is very clearly heard, but I might reprocess old songs because some have very pretty melodies.
I would describe my music as (hopelessly) romantic and dreamy - friends say that my music tempts them to daydream when they are in a good mood but almost makes them jump off a bridge when they are in a bad mood. I believe (hope) that my music does evoke an emotional response if through nothing else than the used strains themselves.
What type of music can one expect from a person who loves rain and storm - even when alone on desolate islands in the North Sea?

ELKAWE never had any commercial aspects and will probably remain so (but who knows what the future will bring?). Thanks to the Internet, I am able to offer my music directly and when I make CDs they are usually gifts for friends linked with an underlying thought. For example, the cover of the CD "end Spannung" listed a request to all who had obtained this CD for free to make a small donation to the charity of their choice (e.g. to AIDS charities). I know that some of my friends receiving my CD as a gift donated more than any CD would have cost when purchased from a regular store ;-) - thanks again for your generosity (you know who you are)!
First of all, music is my hobby and a joy in my life and I am always pleased when this hobby brings delight to my life and that of my friends.

My album titled "Halunder Suite" has a somewhat different focus - this CD is solely a dedication to the beautiful Island of Helgoland and its wonderful people. Every visit to this enchanting island has fascinated me and given me many positive emotions and experiences . The location of the island alone is something very special; however, this can sometimes make the lives of the island's inhabitants more difficult as well. Just one example: Imagine you are ready to go on the vacation you have booked many months ago but you cannot reach the airport on the mainland because the sea is too stormy and the wind and rain are pushing across the countryside...this is not much of an inconvenience for most people living on the mainland who sometimes experience really bad weather but find that it does not impact their everyday lives all that much. To be happy and content under such extreme circumstances without the wish to leave the Island of Helgoland - I find that admirable. And the people of Helgoland are anything but strange hermits...I never had the impression to be received on friendly terms only because of my "tourist status". The (german speaking) Coastal Forum (Küstenforum) was a great way to stay in contact with people on Helgoland (and others) - sadly offline in the meantime ;-(. The operators of the forum made the beautiful photo I used for the CD itself and the back of the cover.

The idea to give something back to the island that has given me so much was just a matter of terms of music, which is to entertain not only the people of Helgoland but also the visitors to the island... and by financially supporting an organization on Helgoland with donations from the sales of the "Halunder Suite". Since the island's isolated location is often problematic for young people due the ensuing restrictions and limits, which we as visitors rarely perceive or understand, the donations are for the Helgoland Youth Center. I feel that such organizations focusing on young people are very important (and not only on an island in the North Sea!). I hope that the activities offered by the Helgoland Youth Center somewhat make up for the things that are just not available on the island.
Please visit the Halunder Suite page for more info...